Welcome to Keni Sport


Keni means Gift in one of the dialect in the Horn of Africa. In general sport is a gift because you can breathe in and out for free, one’s whole body movement get essays written for you is supposed to be appreciated. We can help everybody who want to reach specific goal in sport for example soccer players, runners, hockey players from amateur to elite level. Kenisport provides special running write term papers for money skills for the athletes to keep on performing better through individual approach method.

We solve the problems for those people with bussy schedule in their daily life , with no time to go to the gym or sport school. We come to to their premises to provide them with efficient work out at their front doors or inside their house at their own convenient moments. We have all the necessary equipment to give proper training which sufficiently meet all our clients’ need. Do not think any more about the gym or sport school getting closed before you leave your job or no mood of going to sport school, all these are past history, because Kenisport is the solution by coming to you at all time. Why waste your money without making use of it?

There is a bright day ahead for those people with a burn out as we have special training for them to come back to life to carry on with their daily duties properly. We guarantee you to move forward in all fronts health wise, mentally, and body vitality.

Kenisport was founded by Jamal Malik in Amersfoort . He was an athlete himself and became a running coach after receiving his Diploma from the Royal Dutch Athletics Federation. Contact details:
  • De Hilder 8 3823VW Amerfsoort
  • +31644300195
  • info@kenisport.com
  • KVK nummer: 52075397